Adormo “Book Now” upgrade – 29th of June 2012

Many people wonder why we decided to release the Book Now feature so late in the development process.

After all an online reservation website is all about a guest coming in, making a search, choosing a good apartment and reserving online, right?

Well, yes, that’s the theory and it works perfectly for hotels.
But vacation rentals are a different story.

See, before we allow an Owner to use Book Now we need to make sure that:

  • Availability Calendars are reliable.
  • Prices are correct.
  • The Owner is ok with accepting reservations without talking to the Guest before.

and this leaves out probably 70% of the Owners.

The remaining 30% will have to fight for the small fraction of Guests who actually want to Book Now. Many Guests have questions, doubts, special requests.
They need to talk to the Owner before.  That’s what our Tickets (Messages) feature is for, and works great.

Book Now is only for the most reliable Owners

We are now in the process of contacting the best Owners and offering them the use of Book Now.
Only the most reliable Owners will be able to use it. We can’t risk a Guest to make a reservation and then hear the Owner say “oh, it was occupied already” or “the prices are not correct”.

How to Apply for Book Now

Are you an Owner and you would  like to have this feature?

  1. Contact your Manager or Admin at [email protected]. We will see if you are ready for Book Now.
  2. Enable Book now and define which accommodations have it (you can start with one, some or all).
  3. Keep your prices, details and calendars up to date.

That’s it.

You are in control

You can:

  • Define min/max nights/persons per each season (e.g. High Season min 4 nights/4 people).
  • Define which accommodations have Book Now and which not.
  • Enable/disable Book Now by yourself any time.


What if there’s a problem?

The basic rule is: you have to accept Book Now reservations. That’s our (and your) promise to the Guest: you can Book Now because everything you see is correct.
But we’re here in case of problems.

If the price is not calculated as expected due to a system error, or the Guests who reserved are requiring some service you can’t provide or anything else funny happens, we will review the situation and allow you to Refuse the reservation.

Generally  we’ll be reasonable as we can afford to: we have a local Manager who can take care of you and you won’t have to deal with some distant call center. We’ll see each case.

So, let’s get this started!


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