Adormo “Chiapas we’re coming” Reviews upgrade – 26th of May 2012

Why “Chiapas” in the Upgrade name? Because after two months of very hard work in Playa and Tulum we are going for a long (and working) trip around Mexico. Chiapas first, then we’ll see. That’s the magic of working online.
Screens and keyboards are fine, but we need the road to keep us sane.

Just one word: Reviews!

You know: Guest comes, stays and writes what he/she thinks about the place.
The Final Truth (maybe).

It’s funny to think that we have been amongst the first to have them with our old system, seven years ago.

Now, everyone can have them with an Adormo Manager Site.
(Owner Sites do not have this feature, as we have no way to avoid fake ones there)

We decided not to reinvent the wheel and did some pretty standard Reviews.

The only original aspect is that we allow a sort of conversation.
The Guest writes, the Owner can comment, the Manager can comment, the Guest can edit his/her Review, the Owner can edit his/her comment and so on.
It will be like a compact forum about how the place was.

Let’s see what happens, we’re very curious.

Customize JSS/CS

We will now offer a service to Customize your Templates.
It’s all done via a new JSS/CSS editor.


The results you may attain go from slightly different layouts such as in to heavily modified designs as or

Would you like to have a custom made Design? Please contact us.

Other changes

  • Guest: Delete Account
    in order to allow Tickets we automatically create an account for the Guests. But we don’t want your email to be spammed or kept forever. Are you done with us? Just delete your account. You may always come back if you need us again, there’s no really need to keep all that data about you. Would you like to find all your reservations when you come back? Ok, so, do not delete. It’s really up to you.
  • Tickets Filter: some improvements on dates and domains.
  • Several bug fixes.


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