Adormo “Playa del Carmen” upgrade – 15th of April 2012

Adormo Playa del Carmen Upgrade. That's us after the hard work.

From today we’ll name our upgrades.
Today’s is called “Playa del Carmen” because I am here, in Mexico with our lead developer and we launched it from a little house not far from the beach.

Ok, that was just to give some color to an otherwise boring article.

In the 45 days since the Tickets launch we have added many improvements and adjustments, while today we added a couple of new nice things.

1) Ready Messages

With this feature we will try to kill the “copy and paste” boredom.
Instead of looking for the right text in your notepad, you’ll find it right there in the Ticket.

Just select it, insert it…


… adjust it and you’re basically done.


If some variables such as dates and names are present in the reservations, we will add them automatically so you don’t have to.
For instance when you want to make an offer you get this text with pre-filled variables:


Dear Angela Coleman,
Thank you for your request!
My name is Stefano G. (Owner) and I’m happy to inform you that GREEN is available for the requested period.
Here you can find the details of my offer:

Accommodation: GREEN
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Adults: 2
Children: [ ] ([ ] years old, [ ] years old)
Check-in: 27/04/12
Check-out: 30/04/12
Nights: 3


For now Owners only have just two Ready Messages: Confirm and Offer, but we plan to add more with the time.
Please suggest some some Ready Messages if you need them.
If you are a Manager, you already have more of them and you will be able to interact with Owners and Guests more smoothly, especially from a smartphone where typing is uncomfortable.

Owners and Managers cannot have their own private Ready Messages and have to use the available ones.
That would be another nice feature, but let’s see first how much you use them and how, ok?
Receiving your feedback will be nice as usual.


2) Insert Links

In Adormo you may get requests from different websites and deal with them from the same page.
That’s great as you manage one apartment in many websites at the same time but sometimes it’s difficult to give the right link to the guest.

For instance your apartment is at the same time in, and and you get a request from
Before you had to search for the apartment in the website, copy the link and paste it.

Now the system does this for you.

  • Was the  request from Fine, just click the link on the right sidebar and it will be in the form
  • Is the apartment you want to offer NOT in No problem, it will be displayed in Adormo anyway. It will display an alert “this object is not available in Adormo at the moment”  but it can be seen by the Guest you are offering it to.
  • It’s also easy to add a new apartment and offer it right away. No need to ask the Managers to add it in the website.


and what about languages? We’ll show it to the Guest in his/her preferred language or, if not available, in English.
So, don’t worry: if you are seeing the page in Russian, your Guest will not.



Tickets are really new but are already working very well and we are seeing many reservations done.
Communication is important and we think we made it easier for Guest and Owners to talk to each other before closing the deal.

I knew that of course, I have used them since 2005 in my old system and now more and more online reservation system use them. I am not sure whether I was the first but I have never heard of such a system before. Have you? I’m curious.

Anyway, we plan to keep improving them and need your constant feedback to do so.
Don’t be shy, we do listen!


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