Adormo upgrade – 29th of March 2011

Hello everybody,

We’ve got some more good news today: another upgrade!

Stop right there…this IS good news, it’s not more technical stuff to learn in order to stay updated with an ever changing world.
It’s  a “you can do more things in less time” upgrade, mostly.

As you may have noticed we prefer to upgrade often and add a few things, rather than change your life every six months.

A nice side effect is that I can keep the blog posts short.

Here’s the news:

New Features

1) Public Dynamic Fields (Details)

When you add an apartments, you can insert all the necessary details. This you know.
But it may take a bit too much time, especially for new owners, who just opened an account.

So we created the Public Dynamic Fields: basically ready-made usual details everybody uses.

It’s worth using them as we will take care of the translation, so your page will look more professional even to the Chinese :)

(they are not translated yet, we are still building the perfect list)

Another improvement is that you can order them now: just drag and drop single items or entire categories.

If you have already done your Details, we suggest to wait. Come back in a couple of months and see if our Public ones are better for you.

2) Reservation List


(names have been hidden for privacy reasons)

Ok, that’s a good one.
See what we did:

  • Every time a customer sends a request, from any website it is saved.
  • If it was sent from a specific apartment, it’s saved directly in its calendar.
  • you can see all requests in the new Reservation list

So, we are going ahead in the direction of making adormo your perfect software to manage your reservations.
I mean all of them, even those coming from other websites (yes, you can add them too).

You should seriously try it, it could save you a lot of time.


3) SEO improvements: avoiding Duplicate Meta Titles, Description and Keywords

That’s for the technical people out there. If you don’t know what the above means just read this: you don’t have to do anything, your website is better optimized for Google now (ok, not just Google of course).
For the technical people:

Meta Titles: dynamic text is taken from the Page titles, apartment details order to make each page in your website have a different meta titles.

Meta Descriptions: same. The apartment page meta description uses the apartment description up to 25 words, then it trunks it, gently, at the end of the sentence.

Meta  Keywords: for whatever they are used nowadays, we at least keep them unique.

Google Webmaster Tools should give us a break now (allow some time to reflect changes).


4) New ML (Multi Language) + Free Content Widget ML:

These are ML now:

  • Profile Text
  • Pictures captions
  • Map Icons

but the really interesting news is:

Free Content Widget ML

That means now you can add a Free Content Widget (any text, image, link, script) in a page, and have different versions for each language.

Of course that doesn’t mean only that they can be translated (they are automatically translated by Google Translate as usual), but you can show completely different content.

You know, a spaghetti dish for the Italians

and a camembert for the French, that kind if stuff.



As usual we fix, add, improve little things all the time. The most relevant today are:

5) Two languages in Tabs

Now you can have several Tabs open in different languages. When you save something, it will save it in the right language.

6) Control Panel Alert

You will see some green notifications from us in Control Panel, in different languages.

7) Google Analytics

In Control Panel  > SEO just add the Google Analytics code (something like UA-12345678-X ) and you will have the statistics installed.
As easy and fast as that.


Conclusion and What’s next?


See, that wasn’t so hard and your life is easier now.

Coming up:

well, we’ve got several things going on. The next big one is the Price Calculation.
First you will need to insert all the Accommodation Extras (so we can include some in the price) and then we’ll provide your customers with an automatic calculation of the price.

Not bad, right?



5 thoughts on “Adormo upgrade – 29th of March 2011”

  1. Amazing stuff mates..
    We’ll work on it! And even though we seem like we are no there we look after you from our London back stage…
    Cristiano e Fabio dall’isola

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