Adormo upgrade – 1st of March 2012

This Update took long to prepare because we have created the Tickets.

But we’ve done a few new things too. Here they are:


Tickets are very important because now all the communication can happen inside the system and we have an environment where the Guest gets the best both worlds:

– The Owner’s knowledge about his/her apartment and neighbourhood
– The Manager’s knowledge of the whole area and the apartment (if visited)

This is new for all of us.

We have to find out the best way to use this new tool to make our Guests feel they’ve found a new way to reserve.


See all your Calendars in one page.

So, this Customer calls you and you need to find a place in one of your 10 apartments.
Before all you could do, was to perform a Search and see what was free.
Now you can simply open Planning and that’s what you see:

so, this is a small step forward making the Adormo platform as you Reservation Planner!

Plus, if you add a reservation manually here, you can use the Tickets to talk to your guest.


Improved Search Results Page

That’s what a visitors gets now after searching:

If no dates/people have been inserted (or if “All 100 apartments” link has been inserted:

If a proper search has been done we can display the price and we remove some other things, to keep it clean.

and note how it becomes so much easier to browse, as we don’t need to click the apartment link to see the pictures:



We have done several other improvements in Control Panel: Extras are more flexible now (have a look, you’ll see some changes), you can define if each accommodation is an apartment, house, villa etc… and a few others things you’ll notice sooner or later.

Then we improved Admin and internal workings of the system but I won’t bother you with them.



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