Adormo upgrade – 20th of September 2011

Small upgrade today.

Search Widget > Fast Autosuggest

When you start typing a location name, the system suggests some. It used to take a couple of seconds. Now we hired one of those guys who honk 0.012 seconds after the traffic light has become green and we are almost as fast.

Try it out on where there’s many different locations.

Rich Text Editor – Format

We added Format, so you can write better formatted and more SEO friendly texts.
You could even before, using Html, but this is more comfortable and easier for anyone, not just the html geeks.


SEO -> Tag Canonical

Adding currencies in the URL made many different versions of the same page with little difference. Now we took care of the SEO aspects of this change.

  • Very Short version: your SEO is better and there’s nothing you need to do.
  • Short version: we tell Google  “this URL is the right one, the others are just different versions with small changes, please do not consider them Duplicate Content”.
  • Long version: Wikipedia Canonical Meta Tag
We have applied this to the accommodation page only for now, let’s see how google reacts.

Google Maps > Always fast

We have some websites with 10 apartments, some with 100, some with 1000 and some will have 10.000.
The more elements are on a Map, the slower it gets.

The general Map is never slow. It’s conceived to be fast and bare. We tested it with 20.000 objects and it’s fast.
The Location Map it’s more informative and has more elements, especially Tooltips, which can make it slow.

So we defined three kinds of websites: small, medium and big.
In the small ones we show full tooltips, in the medium ones tooltips have only one picture and in the big ones, no tooltips.

Right now small ones have less than 100 objects, medium ones less than 300 and big ones can reach any number.
If you notice the map is slow or it’s fast but you’d like more powerful tooltips, please advise, we can easily change these values.


Till next time!

We did 17 more improvements but they are in Admin or too small to bother you with them.

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