Adormo upgrade – 28th of June 2011

Hello All,

Ok, new upgrade done today!

1) Manager Site > let Manager add Owners, commissions, PL and apartments

This is interesting for you only if you are a Manager (*).

Now, when a new Owner comes in your website, opens an account and adds an accommodation, you can assign him/her to you (it’s more or less like shouting “this one is mine!!!!”) and display his/her apartments in your website.
Until yesterday you had to ask Admin to do this for you and Admin was tired so he decided for the “Do It Yourself” option.

If you are a Niche Manager, note that you can build your Niche Manager Site by yourself, but make sure the legitimate Manager allows you to use his/her apartments/villas etc..we’ll add more checks (like, both agree so it can be done) later, for now please behave.

You can also define the Commission and the Price Level.

(*) A Manager manages a website and the Owners in is online reservations website.

2) Inline Automatic Translation

All right, I admit it: automatic translation with Google was a bad idea.
The problems it had:

  • Customers would see a badly translated text and think “this is a bad website”
  • Owners would not even know this, because they can only judge the languages they know.
  • Google, with its last updates, started to not like its own translations and punish us in the search results.
  • It was the server’s nightmare. Too much work.

So, now, we did it a bit different.

If there is no translation, we show the original text, a click is enough and google will translate immediately.

So, the customer knows this is an automatic translation and instead of being angry for the bad quality, will be happy as he/she can understand.

We don’t know what Google will do after the 1st of December 2011, it may stop even this, so we are not really developing this strongly. You may notice some problems, as badly translated words (in some cases Google does not detect the language correctly) or long text not translated (long text over 1000 characters is not translated).

the text was inserted only in English...
... but you can see it in Italian


3) Calendar > hidden when over 48 hours + refresh

A Calendar more than 48 hours old is worth nothing. I want to know if your apartment is available and if last time you told me it was free, was 2 days ago, I have to ask again.


  • after 48 hours from the last time you changed something…pufff….it disappears. Gone.
  • anytime you edit something (add a reservation, edit one , delete one) it comes back to “0 minutes ago” and if it had disappeared, it’s back.
  • nothing changed but time passed? Refresh and you are back to “0 minutes ago”. You can also refresh all calendars in one click.
  • customers can see how long ago it was updated (up to 48 hours, then it disappears).


48 hours as a limit may change in the future. Let’s see how it goes.

In Control Panel
What Customers see


4) Search Results and Apartment page > Free Wifi

While travelling in Vietnam and booking hotels online I always wanted to know one thing: is wifi there?
I only used the websites which gave me the answer clearly and easily.

When the road speak, you listen.

To add this just go in Details and under Internet you will see “Free Wifi”, set it to 1.

5) Reservations > change apartment

Now you can assign a reservation to another apartment, so it’s easier to keep the situation clear.

We have also fixed a few small bugs and improved some features, as usual.

6) Standard Season > minimum and maximum nights + minimum people

You could always do this for the other seasons, now you can for the Standard season too.



Now we’ll start working on

  • Google Maps: we’ll update it and make it faster
  • Translation Manager: we’ll translate your text for a fee, easily.
  • Code optimization: some clean up which needs to be done regularly.
  • Tickets: ah yes…the ticket, the Manager’s dream.




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