Adormo upgrade – 2nd of December 2011

In this article I will write about the improvements we’ve done in the last two months.

Manager Profile

… and the Manager came to life!

Let’s face it: explaining things does not work. You must show them.

We’ve been working with Managers since the beginning but you could never see them in the websites so far.
So we added a Manager Profile where a guest can see: who he/she is, what she/he says, the languages he/she speaks, the Owners he/she manages and when his/her last login was.

I’ve been trying to reserve apartments in Berlin, Malta and Sofia lately (in other websites) and yes, I wish there was a Manager I could ask things to!

Like… “where’s a good place to stay in Berlin if I want to go the exhibition every day but also visit the city? ”
Ok, I know this now, but it took me hours of online research and study.
I am an expert in Berlin’s quarters now and I’ve never been there.

There must be a better way and the answer is not always in the code.

I strongly believe in our Local Managers approach.

Humans are not so bad after all.


Manager > Objects and Users Management

We have improved the interface where Managers add objects to their websites and deal with Price Levels and Commissions.
Now a Manager can more easily see who is using his assigned Users (Owners, Agencies, Agents) accommodations and with what Price Level and Commissions.
We have also added Pagination, Order and Filter.

If you are a Manager you know what I am talking about, if not, it’s impossible to explain in a few words but I can tell you this: with Adormo you can now easily create and manage a completely new Niche website and set it up in a matter of hours.

This allows us to target specific markets with a dedicated website very very fast.

The risk here is to fall in the “too easy to do it properly” category.
That’s why a payment is required to start any project, so we are sure it’s done well.

But I digress…

Recent Activity > No Walking Dead here

When you visit a website the first thing you want to know is if it’s dead or alive.
A dead website can surprisingly look alive… until you realize it has no brain anymore.

So, how do we give the message to people visiting that we are alive and well?
We added a Recent Activity widget: you can see what’s happening right now!

Recent Activity

True, you don’t need to know that Owner A has just logged in, Guest B has sent a request or Manager C has visited an apartment.

But admit it, it’s good to know that somebody is there, behind the curtain, working for you.

For now this Widget is only available for, later when it’s more stable, we may open it up to all websites.


Translation Interface

Adormo took long time to develop and I was often asked why.

The answer is simple: you can build quick things, start fast, see if it works and then find yourself developing slowly because the architecture was built too quickly.

That’s great for a startup trying to figure out if the business model can work.
But I have been in this business for ten years now and I already know it works, how it works and where I can get stuck.

Language management is one of the walls you can more easily hit… you start with a few languages, the important ones, and when you decide you need more or you need to maintain the existing ones, a deep well opens up under your legs and hundreds of man hours fall into it.

You are in the Dark Lands Of Babel. And you are stuck (I was there with my previous project).

We have Language Management built in and now we added a new translation interface which lets us work together with translators in a smoother way: no more XML files to send, translate, upload, fix, send, upload and so on.

That was already good enough compared to your average way to translate websites, but now we have it all there: in the Control Panel.

A Translator just needs an account and can start translating immediately.
As soon as he/she translated a few words, they immediately appears in the website, so they can be seen in context .

No more “where does this sentence go? I need to see where it is if I have to translate it”.
It’s there already, just check it out.

As a result we can add a new language with very little money and time.
We can even ask Owners to translate it for us, they need zero expertise (we still prefer Translators, they happen to be faster).

Have we built the perfect Translation tool? No, there’s so much we can improve.
But we’re ready to add many languages now.

We just added Czech.

Translation Management

Google Translate API is not free anymore

A few months back Google decided to close its Translate API.
Close! We had worked so much to integrate it, make it work and let our users have a smooth experience even if the content was not entirely translated, how could they close?

Then Google decided not to close but to charge for it, so we are now paying every time you click on Translate.

In order to reduce the costs we have changed the button in a few places and let you read the languages translated manually instead.

The next step will be to make it easier for Owners and Managers to pay for a professional translation of their content, so our guests will finally read a well written text.

There's more to read in...



What’s next?

We’re deep into Tickets.

The day when Guest and Owners will be able to write to each other directly in a safe and comfortable environment is not far.


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