Adormo upgrade – 3 March 2011

One of the nice things of having your apartments website with Adormo is that you get  these free upgrades once in a while.

Your website just gets better and all you have to do it wait.

Anyway, let’s see what’s new this time:


New Features

1) Change Font


Now you can change the font of your website with one click. Just go to

Your Website > Look & Feel

and click one of the available fonts, see it in the Preview and if you like it Save.

That’s it.

All your website is now in a new font.


2) Order the pictures

This one had been asked so often that we had to do it!

Now you can simply drag&drop the pictures of the apartment and define the order you prefer. Note, the  first one is the one we use most often as a thumbnail around the site, so make it a nice one (usually NOT the bathroom).

You can also edit the captions (and yes, soon they will be multi lingual too).


3) Customers can click on the pictures to go to the next

This seems a small one, but any change for the Customer End is important as it brings more reservations.

Basically before you had to hover with the cursor on the thumbnails to see the image change, but sometimes it was difficult to have both thumbnails and big image on the screen. Now, customers can also click on the big image.

We kept it fast as all big images are downloaded before any click, so there is no wait.

You may try it in

4) Q&A

If you like Yahoo Answers and similar products, you will know how much more efficient they are compared to a forum, a wiki or an online manual. This is why we decided to start with this first. Any question? Ask it in Adormo Q&A.

Ask in it any language, somebody of us will answer.

There is no need to create a new account, you may use the same you have in Adormo.

6) Simple search

That’s a powerful one. We tried to make it as easy as possible for the customer to enter the dates of their stay and how many people they are.

Try it out, it should really feel smooth.

It also remembers any previous input, so if the customer has performed a search before, it’s all there already.

Note how we embedded it inside the Contact Form.
The customer won’t have to write again when he comes, where he wants to stay and how many people will be. It’s all there already, and if not, it’s easy to insert.

We really believe the Customer End should be easy because customers have no time nor will to “learn” a system.
They visit so many websites and stick with the easy ones. So, we have to be easy.

If you don’t like the Search Widget in home page (you know, the big one), you can use this one instead, it’s just a widget.

7) Bugs fixing

We have fixed a large number of bugs, which now tend to be less important ones and make us feel that the Beta period may not last so long anymore. The system just works. Once in a while there are things which don’t and often they do if you use another browser or anyway do not happen a lot.

…and 8: this Blog!

Well, this blog. Here you can read about the project, news and generally what’s going on.

Again, no need to open a new account to comment, just use your existing log in.


Ok, these were the main changes, I skipped over smaller ones not to bore you.

As usual you may come in Feedback and ask for new features or vote up the existing ones.

Or simply comment here, we really appreciate that!




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