Adormo upgrade – 3rd of August 2011 – Google Maps API 3

This upgrade is mostly making your Maps faster and more powerful.

We have upgraded to the last Google Maps API Version 3 which, in Google’s words “is especially designed to be faster and more applicable to mobile devices, as well as traditional desktop browser applications.”.

1) Fast Maps

Now you can see maps with hundreds or thousands apartments in a few seconds. This is the single most important change for this upgrade.

2) Clusters

We have added Clusters, which are basically showing the number of apartments instead of hundred of flags. Click them and you zoom in.

See Adormo’s map:

then, if you click on a flag you get the info window (and if lucky, as in Prague, StreetView)

and if you drag the little yellow man you can see Street View full screen.

and also this is all much faster then before.

3) Places

Before you had to add interesting points for each accommodation, map by map.
Now we added a new page, called Places, which you can populate with all the most important points in your city and they will appear in every single map in the website.
So, it’s easy and fast to prepare a map which answers to the usual question the customer asks when browsing : “where the hell is this?”.
just add the famous landmarks such as centre (not Google centre, real centre), Tour Eiffel, Railway Station, beach and so on… and customers will know immediately that your accommodation is in a good location (or not).
This is of course something you need to do only if you have a website with Adormo. If you simply have your accommodations in some Manager’s site you can use the previous POIs, map by map (in each apartment).

Note: Now when you search for some interesting points in the map, Google gives you more and better local results, called Places. It’s much more powerful than before.

4) Personalized Favicon

Now you can upload a favicon (the little icon you find close to the URL and bookmarks) simply by going in Your Website  > Template Images.
If you don’t know how to do one, try in this website, it takes a few minutes and you can even import a picture of your logo.

5) More changes

We’ve done some more minor changes but as usual we won’t bother you with them.


We are now working on the Translation Manager (read: more and better translated languages for you) and the Verification Widgets where customers will see which accommodations have been visited/tested and which Owners we met.


2 thoughts on “Adormo upgrade – 3rd of August 2011 – Google Maps API 3”

  1. Really good improvement, much faster than before, also I can’t wait to add all the POIs in my websites!

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