Adormo upgrade – 5th of May 2011

Hey all,

we decided to upgrade more often, more or less once or twice a month, for these reasons:

  • It makes it easier for us to update the system.
  • Allows you to get used to the new features.
  • Gives a feeling of smooth development: constant and easy.
  • These blog post updates are shorter so there are more chances you read them :)

Ok, so, what’s new today?

1) Multi language (ML) > Edit all languages in one screen

Now, if you have been working on Adormo for a while, this is your erotic dream made true.
In the dark ages before today, when you wanted to change some text, e.g. the apartment description, you had to do this manually for each language. That meant 9 times for each text for the bigger sites.
I know some people who gave up the Adormo dream and got a job at the local post office in order to avoid the pain.

But now this is over.
All you have to do is to click on the little many-flags icon and voilà, you get all languages in one screen!

Here’s the sexy one:          

See here we have an apartment description:

we click on the many-flags icon and we get all languages in one screen.
We can delete them all (so adding one, the others will be automatically translated) or edit the ones we want.


This works in all texts in the website, so life will be easier from now on.

2) Header logo

You probably have seen many Adormo sites with a logo and wondered how they did it. Well, Html, not so hard..if you know it.
But since we want the system to be usable even if you are not an expert, we made this feature: upload your logo.

How? Simple: go to Your Website > Template Images

see the Logo.png image?

ok, just click upload and…upload your logo. That’s it!

It will be displayed on the top of the page:

By the way, this was the top request in Feedback (called Extended header), are you happy now?

And see? We do listen, so feel free to ask and vote!

don't be shy. Ask!


3) Meta Tags Management

Have you ever tried to use Google Webmaster tools? It asks you to verify your website.
One of the ways to do so is to add some code in the Meta Tag of your pages.
If you don’t know what a Meta Tags is: either learn or just be happy to know that you, or who manages the website for you, can add them via the Control Panel, which is simply very comfortable.

If you know what a Meta Tag is….well, you know and you’ll be happy about the news: we have Meta Tags management in Your Website > SEO


Final comments

We have also fixed several bugs, improved a few things and added features to Admin, but these are too technical to bother you with here.

Price Extras are also ready, but you can’t see them yet.
We will test them with the Manager Sites first and give them to all Owner Sites later, when we are sure they work well and there are no bugs.

And right now we are working on:

  • Price Calculation: customers will get the total price before asking.
  • Translation Manager: you can ask us to translate your text from within the website.

See you at the next update!




2 thoughts on “Adormo upgrade – 5th of May 2011”

  1. I like the site upgrade, but I think it is really important to put on the first page where it is presented all the apartments offer with relative price, the adjourned prices, for exemple my apartment in Budapest is offered at 29 euros instead of 30 as it appears on the main budapest offer page.
    Kind Regards,
    Serena Vannucchi

  2. Hi Serena,

    I’m Alessandro, the Manager of
    I see your point, the text shows: “The Cheapest Flat: 30 Euro/Night for 2 Persons, Standard Season” while your price is 29 Euro/Night. You are right, people can think the price is 30 Euro instead of 29 Euro. I will change the text. Anyway the price is shown as 29 Euro in the text:

    “Owner: Serena Vannucchi
    Sleeping places: 2
    Price (2 People/Night): 29 Euro””

    I changed the text in: “The Cheapest Flat: less than 30 Euro/Night for 2 Persons, Standard Season”.

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