Owner Site: quick guide to create your accommodation website

This is a quick and dirty guide to let you get stared with your website in Adormo.

It covers just the basics but should be enough to have a nice website in a few hours.


  1. You have created an account.
  2. You add accommodations (not other items such as bananas or services).
  3. You can write emails, add attachments and do these basic things online (you don’t need to be a genius or a computer expert).
  4. You are NOT using Internet Explorer 6. If you do, please contact us, you need serious help and should not be online at all for your safety and that of your family.

How long does it take?

If you have the text and other content ready, you could be up and running in less than 2 hours.
It will probably take more than that once you realize how many things you can do and try to make your website nicer and more complete.
We suggest to do a fast version first and then keep improving it forever. It’s free to change things.

1) Price Management

Before adding your accommodations I suggest first to go to Price Management and insert: Seasons, Long and Short Stays, Child Policy and Extras.

2) Add Accommodation(s)

it says apartments, but it can be any kind of accommodation

Insert accommodation, map, prices, pictures, details and extras. Then you can go back to Modify and add a description if you wish.
You can add a lot of information or just the basics. The more you add now, the less questions you will get later. Customers don’t like to look for an information and have to ask when it could be there on the first place.

You may also want to update your calendar, adding your existing reservations, so a search will only show available accommodations (another time saver for the customer). Then, every 48 hours, remember to come back and refresh all even if there were no changes, so the calendar does not disappear.

3) Your website

Now  you can build your website.

Aliases: if you have a domain name, forget it. If you want a free website in the form www.adormo.com/myname, you can change the “myname” part to anything you wish. If you want a domain name, please see prices here and contact us for purchase. Please note that you can build a fully functional website, with no cost now. You only pay when you want a domain name.

Look & Feel: choose the color and font you prefer. There’s really not much else to do here.

Widgets: this is a very powerful part of the system where you can add or remove boxes from your pages. It’s mostly all already in place but I suggest you to play a bit around, add, remove, edit… you’ll find a lot of interesting things and it’s here you realize you can do almost everything you wish with zero coding and html.

Dynamic Pages: add an About us, Contact Us page or any page you wish. You can talk about your city, enter upcoming events and so on. Note that if you add a page only in, say, French, the customers will only see the French version, so you are not obliged to create a version in all languages.

Template Images: here you do mostly two things. Add a logo (optional) and change the big background Castle image in the Search Widget (recommended). Choose a nice picture, sized about 950 X 420 px and not heavier than 120 kb (suggested) so the home page loads fast. Careful! This is the first impression you give to your customers, avoid ugly pictures. If needed buy one for 5-20 euro in iStockPhoto or similar, there are really many websites and pictures.

SEO: this is an important page for Google results. Insert titles, descriptions and so on. Be careful on what you chose. Think about the customers, not Google. How will they look for you? Then click on the flag circle and add it also for the other languages, this part does not get translated automatically as it’s very sensitive. You can also insert Google Analytics code or some Meta Tags. If you don’t know what it means don’t worry, it’s optional and your website will work very well anyway.

Languages: your website has 5 languages already installed. You can change them and chose other languages from the 11 we offer at the moment. I suggest to start with only ONE language and then each week/month or so, add a new one. In this way you have the time to prepare it and also Google will notice a growing site.



Please ask for help anytime!
Here are most of the answers and you can ask as much as you want, we are very happy to answer there!

Adormo Q&A


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