We are here to stay

Adormo is (not) written in the sand

If you are an Owner you probably receive many emails from online reservation portals offering you to join.
The question you ask yourself probably goes along these lines:
“Will it be worth? Are they not going to disappear soon as many others did?”.
It’s a good question and you are right to ask it.

So let me tell you about us: we’re here to stay.
Why? Because we are cool? We have a great idea? We are well funded? Believe in what we do?
Nope. The reason is simpler: we’ve been online for eleven years (and have always been profitable).

I started this business in 2001 and never stopped.
You can see our old website (still working actually) here: apartmentoski.com

Then in 2009 we started Adormo.
It’s a much bigger project but at its core it’s the same old online reservations.

We are (maybe?) a start-up because we have a new project, but we are an eleven years old start-up because we have been around for long.

(often at this point people ask why in eleven years we did not become a multi million dollar company. The answer is simple: for the first eight years it was a small personal project which allowed me to travel the world 11 months a year).

We’ll be here tomorrow, next year and probably ten years from now.

So, it’s safe to spend half an hour uploading you apartment, house or villa. Go ahead!



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