Who we are

Adormo was founded in 2001 and has three Italian co-founders.
Since the beginning we stayed at the forefront of this industry and have always provided solutions before the others. Nowadays it's Distribution.
We have a Reservation Management team serving your customers 24/7, professional photographers, developers, designers, sysadmins and Local Managers to stay close to the owners.

 Luca  Ale  Marco





The idea

In 2001 Luca, our founder, was looking for a way to work online and travel full time.
One day he remembered that in the Prague railway station there were ladies offering apartments for a few days. 
So he went there, asked them if they wanted be online and started sending them customers through the internet.
The first reservations were done via sms as they did not have an email address!

Luca started travelling and never stopped since.



The Growth

After Prague it was Budapest, then Krakow, then Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. 
In 2005 Luca was in China and build an automated website where owners could upload the apartments themselves, change prices, pictures and details and, even better than that, communicate directly with the guests.
This was a first in the industry and it was a hit. 

The Market Change


In 2009 Airbnb happened, Booking.com started dealing with apartments and the market fragmented. 
Now there are so many different portals that it's really difficult to manage them.

"Want to be online?" reloaded


Now we ask the same question:
"do you want to be online?" but we put your apartment in many websites instead of only one.
For you the problem is the same, to get bookings, we simply changed the way we help you.





We are here:



37 Georgi Benkovski Street, 1st floor
District Oborishte
1000 Sofia

EIK: 203048995
VAT: BG203048995